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Dr. med. Hans Martin Kolbinger
had been resident in Bonn - Ippendorf since 1997 as a specialist in neurology and specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy.
He passed away on September 9th, 2022, after a serious illness.
Photo Dr. Roswitha Kolbinger

Dr. med. Roswitha Kolbinger
Specialist in Neurology
Specialist in Psychiatry und Psychotherapy
Rehabilitative Medicine, Traffic Medicine
Photo Yvonne Mainz, Medical Assistant

Yvonne Mainz
Medical Assistant
Photo Michaela Wienigk, Medical Assistant

Michaela Wienigk
Medical Assistant

Professional Background

Dr. med. Roswitha Kolbinger

1982 to 1988
Study of Medicine in Bonn
1988 to 1989
Intern, Depratment of Psychiatry, Rheinische Landesklinik Cologne
1989 to 1993
Research fellow, Depratment of Neurology and Psychiatry, University of Cologne
1993 to 2000
Registrar, Neurological Rehabilitation Center Godeshöhe, Bonn
since 2000
Private Practice for Neurology and for Psychiatry / Psychotherapy in Bonn-Ippendorf
Promoted Dr. med. (medical doctor) with a thesis on "Isolation adulter Kardiomyozyten aus Säugerherzen: Review und neue Methode"
Accreditation as Specialist in Psychiatry
Accreditation for Psychotherapy
Accreditation as Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Accreditation as Specialist in Neurology
Accreditation for Traffic Medicine
Accreditation for Rehabilitative Medicine
EEG-Certificate, German Society for Clinical Neurophysiology
Certificate Transkranial Doppler- and Duplexsonography, German Society for Ultrasound in Medicine
since 2005
CME-Certificate, Ärztekammer Nordrhein
since 2020
Authorization for advanced training in the field of psychiatry (two years)

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